Babies don't come with an instruction manual, and Texas Family Connects can fill in the gaps.

Having a new baby affects families in many ways. Texas Family Connects nurses are trained to answer your questions and connect you with the support you need. Research shows that when families use Family Connects mothers feel less anxious, they learn about quality child care options, and their babies need less emergency care at hospitals. That is good for babies, families, and the whole community.

A randomized control trial in Durham, North Carolina found:

  • Families reported 15 percent more connections to community resources

  • Mothers were 28 percent less likely to report symptoms of anxiety

  • Infants experienced 34 percent less emergency medical care at six months and 50 percent less at 12 months

  • For every $1 invested there were $3 in health care cost savings

  • After five years, participating families had 39 percent fewer Child Protective Services investigations

 Nurse Visits, What to Expect

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