Texas Family Connects is an evidence-based, nurse home visiting program for families with newborns. 


The Home Visit

The first few days and weeks home with a new baby can be a challenging time for all families, and research indicates that more than 90 percent of families can use some additional support. In Texas in particular, new families are moving to our state at a growing rate and may be far from their traditional support structures such as family and friends. Texas Family Connects can help them navigate this difficult time and ensure the newest addition to their family is thriving in a healthy and safe environment.

Through Families Connects, all families have the opportunity for a trained, registered nurse to visit them at home within the first three weeks. These nurses conduct comprehensive strengths and needs assessments for each family and can provide immediate assistance, such as safe sleep support, or make warm referrals to other programs in our community that can provide more intensive and ongoing support for families, such as health care appointments, child care services, parenting support groups and financial and social supports that promote family functioning and child-wellbeing.

The Community Alignment Process

Texas Family Connects is only as good as what comes afterward - connecting families to existing community services, programs, and support. Each community that implements this program is required to engage a group of social service agencies, health care providers, and other recipients of these referrals into a Community Advisory Board. This group will meet regularly to share information about identified family needs, any changes to the resources available to families, and problem solve to meet the needs of families and fill the gaps in services that might be identified. 

Texas Family Connects is about bringing the community together to change our culture and to show tangibly that all families are valued and supported from day 1.